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Training: Statistical principles and methods in medicine

The main objective of training is the ability to read and interpret scientific papers and results for the clinical trials using statistical methods with the focus on their applications to everyday life.

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Training description

The primary objective of this training is the reading, interpretation and critical assessment of scientific outputs from clinical studies according to ICH guidelines. Other concepts such as design of phase IV studies, meta analysis, and epidemiology are also included in the training. The training dos not include calculation techniques.

 What should you learn?

  •  Interpret the outputs of statistical analysis – p-values, confidence intervals, Kaplan-Meier ...
  • Define and interpret the study objectives
  • Present the data in form of tables, graphs and descriptive statistics
  • Understand and interpret the clinical outputs from the clinical research – risk ratio, hazard ratio, number needed to treat ...
  • Interpret the epidemiological data and health care statistics (WHO, OECD ...)

 Who should participate?

The typical participants are:

  • Medical advisors and product managers of pharmaceutical companies
  • Doctors writing their PhD studies, involved in clinical research or just seeking the understanding of statistics behind clinical trials
  • Governmental and health insurance employees working with outputs from clinical studies

 How can you participate in the training?

  • Dedicated training for a pharmaceutical company. Exact length and training content can be modified based on agreement. Typically the training includes the interpretation of the results from 2 clinical studies of your choice.
  • Sponsored trainings for doctors – must be initiated by the sponsor. Exact length and training content can be modified based on agreement.
  • The basic training takes 2 days of approximately 8 hours of training per day. Exact length can be modified based on agreement.

Training: Six Sigma in service oriented organizations

The main objective of the training is to deliver Six Sigma philosophy, methods and tools of Six Sigma. The focus is on identifying benefits of Six Sigma and it application in non-manufacturing organizations. The focus in on processes of Call Center, Back-Office and Front-Office, Sales channels and marketing activities. 

The training is targeted to

  • Middle and Line Managers
  • Business and process analysts
  • Reporting specialists

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